I’m Paul but you can call me Paulie. According to some guy with the Boston Globe, I’m one of the entitled, sociopathic, dysfunctional, SOB’s, responsible for the rise of the likes of Enron and the downfall of American civilization.  Yep, I’m a baby boomer.

Despite what that Boston Globe guy says, I’d like to think of myself as simply a husband, father of two and grandfather to four.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area but yearn to leave the traffic, the congestion and the urban B.S. for small town Montana. I have a fondness for history, photography, Gordon Setter dogs, good bourbon whiskey and a cold PBR – not necessarily in that order.  Give me a good book to enjoy with that bourbon and I’m set. My reading tastes run mostly towards history, military history, politics, society and culture but if you were to browse my library you would find murder mysteries, classics and everything written by Cormac McCarthy. I’m something of a political junkie and my politics lean to the left – but keep an open mind; it’s how I try to keep mine.

This is my story and my observations of America; past, present and mine.  My story has been peppered with colorful language ever since I learned to cuss around the age of 7.  So if cussing isn’t your thing then this damn place isn’t where you want to be.

I do have a contact page and I would be happy to hear from you directly.