I don’t understand trigonometry. I don’t understand quantum physics. I don’t understand Chinese, Russian, Portuguese and most other languages.  There’s a whole lotta shit out there that I don’t understand. Most of it is cut and dried, straightforward; you either understand Greek or organometallic chemistry or you don’t.

Then there’s the shit that just leaves you shaking your head in wonder. Human behavior can be as baffling as a Rubik’s cube.  You know, like updating your Facebook profile on your cell phone while you’re doing 80 miles an hour down the freeway after a couple of martinis at the local tavern.

And right about now there’s some human behavior going on in Donald Trump’s America that just blows my mind; your’s too probably.

Let’s start with something I do understand – sort of. I understand more or less why Trump got elected.  I guess it was a freaky confluence of Russians, Comey, a Clinton campaign that could’ve done better, a lot of white folk who felt left behind, and a bunch of unhappy racists. Who knows, maybe God decided to let Satan drive on election day in 2016.  And while I kind of understand it I’m having a hard time understanding what happened a couple years ago. Understand?

In the past week or so there’s been a lot of stuff to make you scratch your head and ask yourself, what in the wide, wide world of sports is happening in America. 

I just do not understand:

How it became alright to separate families of immigrants, pulling crying children from their parents and putting them in pens with nothing more than a pad on the floor and a Mylar blanket. And then shipping the kids to other states. “You’ve won an all expense paid vacation to the middle of a strange country without mommy and daddy and a stay at The Trump Dump Motel.  Let me introduce our recreation director, Kirstjen Nielsen. Don’t be afraid kids. She may seem like a monster but she has lots of video games and toys to try take your mind off the panic you’re feeling now.” 

I don’t understand –

How a sitting Attorney General of the United States could invoke the Bible as a justification for ANY policy. I guess he skipped law school the day they were discussing the First Amendment.

How a sitting Attorney General of the United States could invoke the Bible as a justification for a zero tolerance policy that separates families and puts children in pens. I guess he skipped his Bible Study group when they were discussing Matthew 25 – For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. I was naked, and you gave me clothing.

Where morality and empathy and compassion went in America.

I don’t understand –

Why people say this is not who we are. The hell it isn’t.   Enslaved children were taken from parents when they were old enough to wield an ax or serve the mistress her supper. It was a dirty business deal; you know like buying and selling Molly the cow, except that these were people. Native American children were taken from parents and sent to “Indian schools” so that they could learn to assimilate. Kind of reminds you of Communist Chinese reeducation camps doesn’t it?  Indian schools were in session from the late 1800’s to the early 1970’s. So I don’t understand how this is not America. DO … NOT … SAY … THAT … THIS … IS … NOT … AMERICA.  Not only is it historically America but it is America – NOW.  America elected the motherfucker. You can scream, “He’s not MY president,” but the truth is, his name is on the mailbox at 1600 Pennsylvania and that’s his fat ass sitting at the desk in the Oval Office signing all kinds of destructive shit. America is putting up with the motherfucker because tens of thousands of people are not taking to the streets every damned weekend over this inhumanity so yes THIS IS AMERICA! WE ALL OWN IT! 

I don’t understand –

How some ruthless, cold hearted talking heads can make light of children being taken from their parents and then pray to their god for salvation and enjoy a good night’s sleep. “Now I lay me down to sleep I pray the Lord my soul to keep.  And Lord while we’re talking about keeping, can you keep those dirty little Mexicans out of our country?” 
     On Fox News a tart by the name of Laura Ingraham likened detention centers to “summer camp,” because everyone knows that summer campers always sleep on a mat on the cold floor with a Mylar blanket and that a favorite game is, can you guess where in America you are now and where your mommy is and if you’ll ever see her again?

    The national wicked witch of the west, Ann Coulter called the immigrant children “child actors.” Hey Ann, why the long face?

     Corey Lewandowski, one of the mongrels of the Trump camp, mocked a story of a 10 year old girl with Down’s Syndrome who was separated from her mother.

On Fox and Friends, Co-Host Brian Kilmeade pointed out that,  “These aren’t our kids.” Show them compassion, but it’s not like he’s doing this to the people of Idaho or Texas.” Well that should make it all better knowing that ol’ Brian designated these kids as lesser beings. So why get all bothered by it all?

I don’t understand –

How people who call themselves Christians, who read and quote scripture and self righteously claim that they’re saved can reckon that St. Peter won’t meet them at the pearly gates, hand them a bottle of ice water and some fireproof drawers wish them good luck and tell them that God reserves the right to refuse service to assholes.

I don’t understand people who reek of a steaming stinking insensitivity that doesn’t give a damn that these immigrants left whatever little they had; whatever small comfort they had, no not to steal an American job, not to go on the public dole, but to flee poverty and hunger; to flee persecution; in many cases to flee certain death. These are children who is some cases had been going through coercion to become gang members or in the case of girls to be concubines to gang members.  And so their parents did what parents do;  tried to do right by their children.

And it isn’t like they hopped on a plane to Juarez and took a cab to the border.  Some of these people walked.  Honduras to El Paso is about 2000 miles. And that trek is something I really don’t understand; I mean wrap my head around walking two thirds of the way across the United States. I don’t even wanna drive that distance.

That’s how desperate people get when they feel they have no choice. But never mind all the crying kids and desperate parents – it’s all a ruse. Trump said so in a Friday morning tweet, “…we cannot allow our Country to be overrun by illegal immigrants as the Democrats tell their phony stories of sadness and grief,”  So there you go. This whole shit show has been ginned up by Democrats. Everyone is comfy dandy thank you.  And now about that wall… 

But despite what Trump, his cronies and the state run media over at Fox would have us believe these people exist.  They’re the unfortunates who Emma Lazarus wrote about in The New Colossus; the tired, poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free; the ones that Lady Liberty invites into America, “Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,” says Lady Liberty. Well you’re out of luck folks, the invitation has been rescinded; there’s no room at the inn so back to the tempest with you. These pitiable souls made a dangerous trek from a “shithole country” to be prosecuted and mistreated by a shithole president and his shithole minions. Hell Trump probably doesn’t even like Lady Liberty; too damned old and doesn’t look like a Slovenian model. 

I don’t understand the callousness of the likes of this administration it’s sycophants and it’s party.

But I DO understand that, sadly, there are politicians in this country who are so foul that they can’t be moved by crying children; can’t speak out against a heinous policy; that is until a finger meekly thrust into the wind tells them that the public voice makes it politically safe.

I don’t understand, I mean seriously cannot fathom, wrap my head around, comprehend a president who so blatantly and shamelessly lies while manufacturing an absolutely preposterous separate reality. Nixon took lying to an art form but Trump has elevated lying to an historic level. He is a dynastic fucking liar. And what’s even more awe inspiring is that people believe the motherfucker.

And so in the tried and true method of banging out another fable Trump and his co-authors came up with a cruel policy of child separation and then blamed the Democrats; claimed that their hands were tied with a nonexistent law. That is until the whole wide world screamed out in unison, “What in the fuck do you think you’re doing.” You know you’ve fucked up when even the Ayatollah throws the you’ve violated human rights flag, “How can they commit such a crime of separating children from their mothers for the excuse of implementing some policy? This shows how evil they really are.”

And when the Republicans saw just how badly this was playing out they looked at each other in horror did the Ralph Kramden  Hamana hamana, and more or less said, “Here’s another fine mess he’s gotten us into and how in the fuck are going to get out of it?”  I’m sure they went to bed with visions of crying children in Democratic campaign ads dancing in their tinfoil covered heads.  Because that’s what we do here. We play politics with the plight of refugees, kids, puppies, flags and national anthems. You name it, if it brings tears and outrage it’s fodder for campaign adds. 

And so Trump signed an executive order stopping the separation process which essentially admitted to the lie that his hands were tied by a law passed by the Democrats (oh and by the way, I really do wish his hands were tied – literally). And in the process of admitting to the lie he told more lies. It’s really extraordinary. He’s the LeBron frigging James of bullshitting. 

Here’s what I really don’t understand. I don’t understand why, when Trump erupts with another gusher of lies, at least one member of the press corps, just one, doesn’t put up his or her hand and say, “Enough. You’re telling a fucking lie you fucking douchebag and you know it. What makes it okay for you to stand in front of the world and blatantly tell whoppers?. When are you going to tell the truth? Now answer our questions you son of a thousand fathers.”

Oh I’m sure that it will mean someone’s job but if at every press briefing or press conference or one of Trump’s wild hair sorties onto the White House lawn at least one member of the press corp calls bullshit then maybe something will change. Probably not but I know a press corps revolt would put a smile on my face. 

There’s an endgame at play here that we all understand. Trump and his syndicate want Congress to come up with a comprehensive immigration policy; one that includes funding for Trump’s hellborn wall. So the government of the United States has gone into the business of using separated families as bargaining chips. 

Here’s something I understand. I understand that we don’t have until 2020 to put our house back in order. 2018 had better be the year that Americans stop piddle fucking around and at least take back Congress because I understand that over the course of another 2 1/2 years Trump’s gonna burn the whole thing to the ground.

Finally here is what I believe down to my soul. I believe that instead of building a wall the world would be better served by the building of a compound; not to imprison the wretched displaced, seeking the American promise of breathing free – a promise that Trump has brazenly betrayed. No, that compound should incarcerate the racketeers who have no regard for human rights, no regard for human dignity, no regard for justice; a brazen gang of crooked, double dealing, racists and douchebags who have trampled the Constitution, made a mockery of truth and turned the world against America and Americans against themselves. Trump, his administration and the Republicans and anyone else who’ve enabled and continue to enable that criminal; and the politicians who cower before that despot for fear that he’ll turn on them come election day should find themselves in a prison that makes Pelican Bay look like – well – summer camp. 

One thought on “Things I Don’t Understand (With apologies to Cold Play)

  1. Scott Blake says:

    One thing I understand is that there is no excuse for this country to continue with an outdated election system that allows a presidential candidate to win the majority of votes but lose the election due to electoral votes. Voter turnout will always be low (or blow) and those who don’t vote will feel that their votes are unimportant. The U. S. Constitution is also outdated and in need of revision, which I don’t expect to occur in my lifetime. Just look at how many people scream “You can’t take away my guns!” whenever anything close to discussion of the Second Amendment takes place.

    I understand how a sitting Attorney General of the United States could invoke the Bible as a justification for a policy. The Tweeting Twit in the Oval Office promised to drain the swamp but instead has filled it to overflowing. Lincoln, JFK, and to some extent FDR surrounded themselves with what Doris Kearns Goodwin (referring to Lincoln) called a Team of Rivals. They understood that it serves the president better to not be surrounded by sycophants and yes men. Trump is so paranoid and thin-skinned that he has hired a goon squad filled with people who are similarly minded. Sessions, Scott Pruitt, Kirstjen Nielsen, et al. would not be in their jobs were they not completely on board with Trump. Nixon, until Trump, was the most despicable president in my lifetime. Ol’ Milhous looks better and better with each passing week.

    Yes, this is America. It’s the same America which had a civil war over slavery 150 years ago, the same America where it took until 1947 for a black man to be allowed to play major league baseball, the same America with appalling segregation in the South which didn’t begin to abate until the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This is also the America with a president so clueless that he thinks Fox News, the Ted Baxter (with sincere apologies to Ted) of news organizations, is the only reputable news source. Of course he does, with turds like Laura Ingraham front and center at Fox.

    I understand how the so-called good Christians support Trump and his horrid administration. It’s also why I am agnostic and stay away from organized religion. These people think all they have to do is go to church, put money in the collection trays, and confess their sins to wipe their slate clean and start over again until the next Sunday.

    I also would love to see a press corps revolt, or at least a couple of people do as you suggested. We know that won’t happen because anyone who did so would be fired, even if their bosses secretly admired them for what they did. I don’t blame the press corps folks for dummying up. Unless one is really fortunate, everyone has had times in their working life when they wanted to tell their boss “What I get paid here isn’t worth the aggravation of dealing with this horseshit.” That’s why most people look forward to retirement, so they don’t have to attend time-wasting meetings and look in the mirror in the rest room and say “Why do I put up with this crap?”

    I don’t understand, and neither does anyone else who has not lived it, the level of nightmarish conditions in parts of Mexico and Central America that forces people to leave the country of their birth and set out for America with nothing more than a hope and prayer. We can see what is reported on the network news programs. We can see on those programs what is happening in Syria, Yemen, and other places where the quality of life is in many cases little better than death. We can’t comprehend it unless we lived it.

    I understand that for many of Trump’s supporters and many who don’t support him, the immigration situation in this country is a screwed-up mess, which unfortunately applies to many other aspects of life in the U.S.A. I understand that people who live near our southern border deal with illegal immigrants much more than everyone else does. I also understand that those people don’t have personal experiences like those mentioned in the previous paragraph.

    What everyone in this country needs to understand is why we got to this point. Trump and H. Clinton were pathetically poor choices as Democratic and Republican nominees in 2016. If those parties can’t come up with anyone better than those two nauseating specimens, then they’re both in need of either major overhauls or consignment to the dust bin of political history, joining the Bull Moose and the Know Nothing parties.


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